The smartest way to package craft beverages.

Canning or bottling your delicious brew shouldn't be that hard - or costly. We're bringing together exceptional craft beer, cider, wine, seltzer, coffee, kombucha - you name it - producers to achieve flexible minimums, fair prices, & transparency through out their packaging supply chain. Get early access to our packaging solutions and check-out our growing supplier network.

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We're your partner from
design to delivery.

From custom packaging design to shipping logistics, we build tools to save your team time and money when ordering packaging materials and services. ShelfLife is bringing together thousands of craft beverage producers and packaging vendors across the US to achieve unparalleled wholesale rates on custom packaging
without the high minimums.

For Craft Beverage Makers

We're taking the tech tools large CPG giants use and designing them for craft. From sourcing custom materials to scheduling just-in-time deliveries, our team is here to take the headache out of packaging procurement - while boosting your margins at retail.
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Extend your reach into a variety of craft beverage verticals. Join our packaging network to reach thousands of brands looking for stand-out packaging.
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