Ordering packaging - made easy.

ShelfLife simplifies ordering from and communicating with your packaging suppliers and service providers. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

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One Place for Everything

ShelfLife offers simplified ordering and streamlined communications for raw materials procurement. Reducing the need for countless phone calls and inventory management spreadsheets, our user-first platform enables operations managers and production staff to save significant time and enhance company margins.
The best part is - it’s free to adopt!

getting started

Easy Onboarding

Using integrations with current inventory management systems and ShelfLife account managers our aim is to make on-boarding a stress free experience. ShelfLife plans to take the burden off of the buyer and get procurement running smoothly in just a matter of weeks.

communication hub

Streamlined Communication

ShelfLife offers a single location for those on the production floor and in the back-office to communicate with suppliers. Check delivery status, update orders, receive and send documents - all in one streamlined platform. 

Single-click Ordering

Ordering Made Easy

Populate a “cart” with all the items needed for the day. Allow ShelfLife to submit purchase orders to each unique supplier at the click of a button. Receive a notification when each order has been confirmed for delivery.

cost analytics

Monitor Margins

ShelfLife minimizes the need for countless exports to excel and hours spent assessing invoice data. Track all costs by production quantity in a single user-friendly dashboard.

Favorable rates & terms

No More Negotiating

Work with ShelfLife’s vetted group of suppliers to secure group-purchasing rates and extended payment terms.